Did you lock yourself out of your home, office or car? Did your key break in the lock? Or did you lose the key to your safe or your gun cabinet? Hersted Låseservice (Hersted Locksmith) is ready to be at your service 24 hours a day, all seven days a week. Hersted Låseservice is an affordable locksmith in the København (Copenhagen) and Nordsjælland (North Zealand) area. We specialize as vehicle locksmiths and in opening safes. So, if you need a lock unlocked or repaired, call Hersted Låseservice.

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Vi vender tilbage på din henvendelse hurtigst muligt – typisk indenfor 24 timer.



    Jeg bruger kun Hersted låseservice. så ved jeg det bliver lavet ordenligt og til en fair pris

    Danni Kjærgaard Laursen
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    Professionel og super venlig service – anbefaler varmt

    Elsebeth Staun Ram
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    Virkelig god service og pålidelig låsesmed har brugt hersted låseservice til flere opgaver, også akutte opgaver.

    Kathrine Salling
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    Rigtig god og venlig service.

    Nina Marijnissen
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    Kompetent service, havde ringet rundt åbenbart ikke alle som kan åbne en BMW. Men det kunne Hersted Låseservice uden problemer. til en fair pris på en lørdag. en tilfreds kunde her fra.

    Helena McKenzie Hertz
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    Åbnede min bil på ingen tid da jeg havde låst nøglen inde.

    Danni Laursen
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    Due to our great interest in automobiles, we are specialized to open every kind of car. We are specialists in our field, and we have many years of experience in vehicles.

    Most cars can be opened with a rod made for car locks. However, at lot of modern cars are made with “dead lock”. Dead lock means, that when your car is locked from the outside, it cannot be opened from the inside. This makes it a lot harder for thieves to get into your car. However, it also makes it harder for a locksmith to open, because special tools are required to open those kinds of locks. We at Hersted Låseservice have the required tools and experience to open EVERY brand and kind of car. Unfortunately, there are no education in opening car lock, and therefore, it is crucial to have the kind of experience that we do in order to deliver a great car locksmith service.

    Usually we drive from North Zealand when we are called to help. Nevertheless, we are often called to all over Sjælland (Zealand), as we are one of the few locksmiths, who are able to unlock all types of cars. We are even called to Fyn (Funen) and Jylland (Jutland) every once in a while. Often it is new cars of the brands Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Porsche and Audi that are difficult to unlock. But don’t be sad if you have one of those, because that also means that it is a lot safer with regard to break ins.


    There are different reasons to hire a locksmith to open your car. You may have locked your keys inside of your car.

    This is very common and can easily happen, if you for instance place them with your groceries and forget to bring them out with you before you close the door.

    In the case of the keys being in the trunk of the car, the locksmith will usually open the front door and then press the button that opens the trunk.

    However, not all cars have this button, and in that case, it may increase the difficulty of opening the car and consequently also increase the price of the service slightly.

    Other reasons might include breaking the key inside the lock, which frequently happens with car keys or problems with the transponder in your car keys.

    These problems are also solvable by us, as we can either change the lock or, in the case with the transponder, reprogram the transponder in your car key.

    Indhent tilbud

    Vi vender tilbage på din henvendelse hurtigst muligt – typisk indenfor 24 timer.


      We know that accidents like forgetting a key or accidentally destroying a lock can happen at any time and on any day. And we know the discomfort and stress that kind of situation can put on you.

      Our locksmith is a 24 hour locksmith and we are open all the days of the year – even on holidays. Therefore, we are always ready to help you when you are in need, whether you slammed the door without remembering your key, your lock broke, or you need help to get into your car or your safe. It is important to us, that you can reach us at all times, so accidents like these won’t ruin your day. We also make it a virtue to be by your side as quickly as possible, and generally it does not take more than 30 minutes for us to arrive, ready to help with a smile.

      So, if you ever find yourself in need of a local and affordable locksmith, look no further. We are ready to help you any time, any where on North Zealand. Just give us a call and we will give you an estimated price and drive out to help you as fast as possible.


      Apart from being a car locksmith, we are also an experienced home locksmith. We can open both your front door, mail box, or garage door. Furthermore, we do door lock repair if your lock is broken, or your key has broken off inside of the lock, or if you lock is binding as a lot of locks begin to do over time. Our locksmiths are always equipped with the newest tools in unlocking, which ensures that we deliver a quick and safe unlocking of your home without breakage of your door or its surroundings.


      Our lockout service does not only extend to cars and houses, but we are also capable of opening safes or gun cabinets. All of our locksmiths are certified in unlocking safes and strongboxes. Our approach to opening your safe is always to do it as careful and painless for your valuables as possible. Just as we do with cars, we experience a lot of calls from all over Zealand to open safes, since not all locksmiths are certified in the opening of safes and gun cabinets. We offer to unlock your safe at home. Furthermore, we offer to sell and install both safes, gun cabinets, and fireproof safes.